Lead Trainer

Dr. Tosin Osikoya

She is a Medical Doctor with over 20yrs in the Healthcare Industry with varying post-graduate degrees and courses. Her working experience spans Clinical Management, Hospital Administration, NGOs, Public Health, Business Management. In recent years, her emphasis has been on Health Information, Education & Trainings. She has been training on First Aid since 2016 and has trained businesses, schools, preschools, parents in their homes, charity organisations etc. She wants you prepared to stop the pain or save a life.

Lifesaving Skills Matter!

Because when seconds count, you need to take action immediately.

If a child collapses and stops breathing, it is an emergency. If a child starts choking, it is an emergency. If any of the above happens, you need to act within seconds or the worst could happen. That is why you need to take this course and learn what to do from the experts.

Act Without Fear or Confusion To Help Your Child.

Mums & Dads, the safety and good health is your priority.

You have been meaning to learn these important life saving skills but you don't want the full course. Get the right information and skills to help when seconds count! Learn at your convenience.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • About Your Instructor

    • A message from the instructor

  • 2

    First Aid & CPR

    • What Is first aid?

    • The Importance of learning first aid

  • 3

    The First Aid Basic Plan

    • A message from your instructor

    • The First Aid Basic Plan

    • The practical skill: first aid basic plan for infants

    • The practical skill: first aid basic plan for children

    • Test your learning (First Aid Basic Plan)

  • 4

    Recovery Position In A Baby or Child

    • What is the recovery position?

    • How to place a baby or child in the recovery position

    • The practical skill: Recovery position

    • Test your learning (Recovery Position)

  • 5

    CPR In A Baby & Child

    • What is CPR?

    • A message from your instructor

    • Critical steps and numbers in CPR

    • How to perform CPR on a baby or child

    • The practical skill: CPR on a baby

    • The practical skill: CPR on a child

    • Test your learning (CPR)

  • 6

    Choking In A Baby or Child

    • What is choking?

    • How to help a baby or child who is choking

    • The practical skills: choking in baby and child

    • Test your learning (Choking)

  • 7

    Your First Aid Kit

    • Your first aid kit

  • 8

    Next steps

    • More Resources For You!

    • Post Training Survey

How Long Do I Have Access?


  • What is the format of this course?

    It is solely an online course that teaches you with videos, pdfs, discussions, quizzes and more. You learn at your own pace giving you time to digest the information.

  • How easy is it to learn?

    Very easy! The instructor has been teaching CPR and First Aid for over 4 years and she has broken down the concepts to facilitate learning. She is a medical doctor with over 20 years experience and she is passionate about people learning life saving skills.

  • How long will it take to complete?

    The course has been broken down into lessons that make it easy for you to digest the information. Overall, the course can be completed within a few days and you have the ability to come back to relearn over and over again.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access to the course for 3 MONTHS. This will give you enough time to complete it and you can go over the lessons and retake the quizzes.

  • What is the cost of this course?

    It is N5,500 presently (exclusive of 7.5% tax).

  • Is this a certification course?

    No it is not. This is a knowledge course to teach specific lifesaving skills on CPR and choking to help any child in an emergency. It cannot be used as a proof that you have undertaken a first aid course in circumstances that warrant it. We have specific certification couses. Please send an email to to get more information.

  • What about practical skills?

    This carries an additional cost of N5,000. Contact us at or call 08177321761 to get more information on booking for the skills training and making payment.